THE MILLIONAIRE RANCH-PRESS RELEASE START DATE: May 8, 2014 KILL DATE: May 30, 2014 Contact: CJ Silberman (424) 249 0059 Its no secret that job security suggests a vanishing reality and Americans are moving en masse toward self-employment options. Yet, they are hardly experts in the start up arena. The Millionaire Ranch presents a positive and enlightening leadership voice for this new economy. Anyone who’s ever dreamed of owning their own enterprise will hear dynamic success stories from accessible mentors. They will learn how to avoid dangerous pitfalls, how to legally structure their business to protect personal assets, how to develop an exit strategy and even how to create an objective feasibility study. Formerly on KSFO Radio, San Francisco, CA the NEW Millionaire Ranch will broadcast from the heart of Silicon Valley on KLIV, and NBC affiliate. Guests will include captains of industry from the Silicon Valley and beyond. Sponsorships are available for like minded entities wishing to become alligned with the positive voice in the storm of negative ideations. For samples of previous shows, visit our website at www. .com
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